e-Book: Strategy Design Sprint English v. by Marco Velasco

e-Book: Strategy Design Sprint English v.

How to Design a Winning Strategy in four Days?

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From the moment I discovered the Design Sprint Methodology, two years ago or so, it was an enlightening moment to my professional career as an innovation and strategy consultant, basically for two reasons:

  1. I could create a rapid and efficient innovation service with a neatly organized agenda. In that same way, avoiding that the projects in which I work have delays that could go for months. These endless delays cause frustration and loss of interest from the teams I work.
  2. My clients have had validation of solution ideas for a business challenge in just four days, less pricy Innovation projects, and they got to unstuck projects.

Keeping in mind the advantages that the Design Sprint offered, I had the idea of making combinations of this methodology with other specific methods to solve business challenges. There lies the need for making a “recipe” book of very particular needs of organizations.

This is the first chapter (Strategy Design Sprint) of a more significant project. As I said before in each section, we will mix methodologies with the Design Sprint. In this case, we will use the method of Business Strategy: Playing to Win of Roger L. Martin and A.G. Lafley.

I consider that the importance of the Strategy is fundamental to survive in such a competitive environment. Without a Strategy, we would be lost, and it is what we should look for in our northern star (Vision). 

Playing to win offers a creative way and a design thinking process to generate different winning strategy options. By combining it with the Design Sprint, you will obtain the speed and structure necessary to design strategies in less than a week.

Marco A. Velasco

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Introduction to the Methodology Playing To WIn. Five questions... five choices.
    • What is your winning aspiration?
    • Where will we play?
    • How will we win?
    • What skills must you have?
    • What management systems do you need?
  • Generating Information
    • PEST analysis
  • Generating Strategy Possibilities
  • Indentify Hypotesis and Experiments
  • Decision Making


Marco Velasco is CEO of Innogyzer with 12 years of experience in Innovation and Business Strategies. He has directed projects in companies such as Adidas, PEMEX, VW, Coca Cola, Cott, etc.
Marco Velasco

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Strategy Design Sprint English v.
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